According to her: A long time ago, when dinosaurs  roamed the earth, a boy said he'd marry a girl and she's been waiting ever since...until now

According to him:

Please see above for sentiment!!!!!!!

However... The wedding is cancelled.

The reason is that my partner of 13 years (Liz) and friend of 18 years & best man (Ben) have been having an affair. They claimed it was just emails but as the s#*t has hit the fan it has become clear it was also sexting, having phone calls and photos for 4-5 weeks. This wasn’t a one-off mistake but continued by both for weeks and has been going on since we were last up in Birmingham for my birthday in March.


All the while Liz was doing this, we were talking about the wedding, buying our dream house, planning for children and talking about how good things were for us. While Ben was doing this, his wife (R) was busy looking after their 2-year-old son and preparing for their move into their dream home.

They have tried to justify it saying that it wasn’t real or didn’t matter because nothing physical happened and even that it was just for lockdown. There are doubts as to whether anything physical happened when we were in Birmingham for my birthday. It also has come to light while doing all of this Liz had offered R (Bens wife) go up to Birmingham to “babysit” but it is now clear this was an opportunity to hook up.


They haven’t taken the many opportunities offered to tell us the truth. Despite many chances to come clean and tell our family and friend both Liz and Ben have failed to take responsibility and instead have tried to defend it and give platitudes.

I can’t put into words what I think of them or how shocked, sad, angry and disgusted I feel.


I wanted to tell you, our family and friends because you deserve to know the truth.

Please note R (Bens wife)  is aware that I am doing this


Update 24/5/20


Unfortunately, more of their past and ongoing lies, excuses and bullsh#t has come to lights recently.

This is despite over the last 5 weeks both Liz & Ben have been telling us how much they love us, how sorry they are, that it was a mistake, that it was a one-off thing, that they want to make it work, that they would do anything to save the respective relationships, they want the future we had planned (even Liz suggesting we still have kids), that they don’t want to hurt us, that they are worried about our emotional states and being the only one they ever loved.


It’s also worth mentioning this update is motivated less and less because of feeling hurt, angry and disgusted but because everyone deserves the truth (which has been lacking). Also to dispel their coordinated lies, especially as even in their messages to each other they state only a few of Liz's friends know the truth and they will take it to the grave. 


We are also aware of how both Ben and Liz have been behaving. This is either acting like nothing has happened which is a bit of an indication of what they are like (but maybe more their thoughts about what they have done) or acting like the victims of us “overreacting” to gain sympathy/support.  


Finally, there is no expectation for you to take sides but you all deserve the truth.


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