Unfortunately, more of their past and ongoing lies, excuses and bullsh#t has come to lights recently.

This is despite many opportunities, to tell the truth & even while Liz & Ben have been telling us how much they love us, how sorry they are, that it was a mistake, that it was a one-off thing, that they want to make it work, that they would do anything to save the respective relationships, they want the future we had planned (even Liz suggesting we still have kids), that they don’t want to hurt us, that they are worried about our emotional states and being the only one they ever loved.

Recently Liz returned my laptop, which she had borrowed. I let her use it despite their affair coming to light, this was because she needed it to do her tutoring online (that will teach me for still being nice). Anyway, when doing some work I found these in the Download Folder - saved in word documents. Can only assume this was a way to continue being sneaky, sending them across to someone else or saving them for sentimental reasons.


Also, Liz for future reference make sure you clear the download folder and your browser history. 


And you will notice some names have been blocked out, this is to minimise them getting dragged into this dumpster fire & avoid them being guilty by association. 


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